March 5, 2022

Learn How Stop-Motion Animation Was Molded Into Moving Pictures

Have you ever drawn a series of stick figures on the edges of a pad of paper? As you flip through the pages, the figure appears to run, jump, or move in some way. This is the theory behind all filmmaking; it's a series of similar images that, when shown in rapid succession, trick the eye into seeing motion. Animators draw thousands of frames, and film strips capture individual images compiled into reels.

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February 3, 2022

Highly Anticipated Studio Ghibli Theme Park Will Open in November 2022

Since 1985, Studio Ghibli has been creating beautiful and heartfelt animated films that explore diverse human experiences. While fans have been able to learn more about the collective and their movies by visiting the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, there will soon be another place for enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the fantasy worlds. Ghibli Studio has announced via Twitter that their theme park is opening November 1, 2022.

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January 11, 2022

Adorable 2-Year-Old Is Beyond Excited To See Himself Represented in Disney’s ‘Encanto’

Media representation is important. When there are stories that highlight people of different races and ethnicities, it gives all audiences the chance to feel seen. The Disney animated film Encanto—which tells the story of the extraordinary Madridgal family in Colombia—has given a new way, particularly for kids, to experience the power of representation. If you need any proof of why it matters so much, just look to the broad smile of a 2-year-old named Kenzo.

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