Paper Art

March 1, 2022

Artist Creates Textured Landscapes by Wrinkling Cyanotype Paper

Taiwanese artist Wu Chi-Tsung creates massive works of art that immerse viewers in abstract blue landscapes. The Cyano-Collage series is a new type of art form inspired by Shan shui, or traditional Chinese painting of landscapes, and photomontage. He mounts strips of wrinkled cyanotype Xuan paper onto canvas to create imaginary compositions reminiscent of mountains, oceans, abstract art, and other interpretations.

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December 3, 2021

Unfold The Intricate History and Symbolism of the Origami Crane

When you think of origami, the image of a paper crane probably comes to mind. But have you ever wondered why this graceful bird became synonymous with the craft? The significance of the origami crane in Japan has an ancient backstory, and the paper bird was later popularized after one girl named Sadako Sasaki used it to send a powerful and lasting message.

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October 5, 2021

Japanese Paper-Cutting Artist Fills In Drawings With Changing Colors of Nature

Have you heard of kirie paper art? The word “kirie” comes from the two Japanese kanji “kiri,” meaning cut, and “e,” meaning picture. It’s a Japanese art form originating in the 7th century, when Shinto shrines were decorated with intricately cut paper designs. Despite its ancient roots, kirie is still practiced today by some Japanese contemporary artists. An artist known as Erica on Twitter is one person who’s keeping the craft alive.

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