Oil Painting

March 7, 2022

Artist Hides AI Faces Within Densely Patterned Paintings

Berlin-based artist Lee Wagstaff creates abstract paintings with a secret. While at first glance you may be immersed in the myriad of complex patterns that blanket the canvas, take another step back and you'll discover a human face staring back at you. Each of his paintings features a portrait of an AI-generated face concealed within the repeating forms of the design. There is no magic to his process, however.

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February 28, 2022

Fluffy Chicks Practice Yoga Poses in Realistic Oil Paintings

People practice yoga with animals all the time in real life, but it is only in the tenderly painted worlds of Lucia Heffernan that you can see a yellow chick folding into a successful triangle pose. The graphic designer and oil painter captures baby birds stretching into a variety of poses in her series of Yoga Chick paintings. Heffernan creates these delightfully humorous situations by using her realistic style to depict unrealistic scenarios.

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January 1, 2022

Ghanaian Artist Captures the Rhythm of Dance With a Flurry of Colorful Brushstrokes

While many painters choose to recreate the stationary people or objects around them, artist Betty Acquah captures life in action. She utilizes swatches of vibrant color and mesmerizing patterns to illustrate the rhythm and beauty of dances in her native Ghana. Acquah's distinct style resembles both the expressive dabs of paint from Van Gogh and the precise pointillism of Seurat.

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November 27, 2021

Energetic Palette Knife Paintings Capture the Beauty of a Specific Place in Time

From grassy fields to turbulent clouds, landscapes are made up of numerous textures. British-Canadian artist Georgia Hart illustrates the layered beauty of the horizon in her striking impasto oil paintings. She exclusively uses palette knives to render the numerous forms on paper. “The thick peaks of paint incorporate another layer into my work, contrasting the delicate and pristine oil paper that purposefully frames bold and often rugged scenes,” she explains to My Modern Met.

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